Frequently Asked Questions - Handloggers, Inc.

Do you sell retail?

Handloggers sells lumber products retail and wholesale. Discounts are given when you buy 100 bd. Ft. or more of lumber, 10 sheets or more of plywood or 1,000 lineal feet or more of decking. We are happy to bid on large special orders and we can source products that are normally not stocked.

What does 4/4, 8/4, 12/4, etc. mean?

Hardwoods are sold by the 1/4″ of thickness. Therefore, 4/4 (“four-quarter”) stock is 1″ thick in the rough and nets 13/16″ when surfaced. See the lumber section for details.

What is a board foot?

A board foot is a measurement of volume of wood – it is 144 cubic inches. To calculate the board footage in a board, multiple the length (in inches) times the width times thickness and divide the total by 144. Example: a board 8 feet long, 7 inches wide and 2 inches thick would be 96x7x2/144=9.33 board feet.

How are woods priced?

The lumber is priced by the board foot, plywood by the sheet and decking by the lineal foot.